Probate & Estate Management

MacDonald, Charette & Associates will guide you through the often complicated process of probate and estate management. We will provide the guidance and direction to assist the estate trustee to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

The estate trustee is responsible for the administration of the estate. As an estate trustee, you will find that you are responsible for the following:

  1. Making proper funeral and burial arrangements;
  2. Determining that the Will appointing you is the last Will of the deceased;
  3. If necessary, applying to the court for the issue of a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will (i.e. “probate” , or “probating the will”); in the alternative, if there is no will, applying to the court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee without a Will.
  4. Determining the names and addresses of those beneficially entitled in the estate and notifying them of their interest;
  5. Determining the full nature and value of the assets of the deceased and compiling a list of them;
  6. Determining what debts were owed by the deceased at the time of death and arranging for payment of them from the estate assets;
  7. Contesting and/or settling any debts, the validity of which you are in doubt;
  8. Determining the tax liability of the deceased and of the estate, paying any tax owing and obtaining an income tax clearance certificate;
  9. Distributing the assets of the estate as the will directs. If you have the discretion provided through the deceased’s Will, you may convert the assets of the estate into money and distribute it among those beneficially entitled if you wish to do it that way;
  10. Accounting to the beneficiaries, and the Court, if you are legally required to do so, for all of your actions in the administration of the estate.

When a loved one passes away, turn to MacDonald, Charette & Associates for caring assistance.

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