Wills & Powers of Attorney


A properly written Last Will and Testament is necessary to ensure that your estate is correctly administered and that your beneficiaries receive what you want to give to them. It will make sure that the person or persons that you have appointed as estate trustees (“executors”) will be authorized to administer your estate and have all of the necessary powers to do so properly. Our lawyers will meet with you to review your financial and family profile to ensure that your estate planning will achieve what you want, be legally enforceable, and protected from challenges that might be made after your death.

Powers of Attorney (sometimes called the “living will”)

Injuries, illness or the onset of dementia can have a severe impact on your ability to manage your property, money and personal care. When you need help to manage your personal affairs, assistance should come from someone you select. That person should be capable, willing and most importantly, trustworthy. It is also imperative to have well-written documents that outline who your caregivers are and what their responsibilities are.  Powers of Attorney are effective only while you are alive.  We will help you to prepare and understand these vital documents to ensure that you will be protected if you become incapable.

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