Importance Of A Lease

Effective April 30, 2018, the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 requires the use of a standard form of lease called the “Residential Tenancy Agreement” for most residential tenancies. The form is available online.

The Agreement contains all of the details that a landlord will need to include in their lease and also provides notes throughout to bring the parties attention to relevant areas of the law. There is also a general information appendix included that provides some basic information for the parties.

A detailed, complete and signed lease is important to protect both landlords and tenants during their tenancy relationship. A detailed lease can answer many of the questions that come up during the Landlord Tenant relationship. If any Landlord Tenant Board applications are brought during the relationship, a copy of the lease will be required by the Landlord Tenant Board.

If you need help with preparing or reviewing a lease agreement or if you have a Landlord Tenant Board matter, contact MacDonald, Charette & Associates to book an appointment with our paralegal, Jessica Polley.