Lawyer signing document

How to have a Productive meeting with your Estate Lawyer – Part 2

Last month we commented on how to have a productive meeting with your estate lawyer.

We advise our estate clients to come to the appointment with as much information about their loved one’s affairs as possible including information about assets and debts. The lawyer will need information regarding bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, life insurance policies, any investments and any other assets as well as debts like mortgages, car loans and lines of credit. You will need to provide account numbers, account owners, any beneficiaries named on investments and life insurance policies and real estate valuations. Information about beneficiaries like full names, nicknames, birth dates, addresses, telephone numbers and their sate of health is important. The more information you gather and bring with you, the better the lawyer will be able to guide you though the difficult process of the administration of your loved one’s estate.

If you are looking for assistance with your estate matter, please contact our office to book an appointment; we would be happy to help!