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How to have a Productive meeting with your Estate Lawyer – Part 1

Your first appointment with a lawyer after the passing of a loved one can be difficult and overwhelming because of the grief that you will feel.

At our office, our first advice is always to bring a trusted friend or family member to the meeting with you. It is difficult for anyone grieving to absorb, understand and remember all the information received during this difficult time. Having an extra set of ears can be helpful to your later review of what was discussed and what needs to be done.

e always advise clients to take their time to grieve. Often there is no need to “rush” to get things done. The initial meeting will often involve prioritizing actions to be taken, information to be obtained and time lines. Often clients feel relief just understanding the process involved in the administration of the estate of their loved one.

Check back next month for Part 2 of How to have a Productive meeting with you Estate Lawyer! If you are looking for assistance with your estate matter, contact our office to book an appointment!