Bridget M. Jokitalo, LLB.

Bridget Jokitalo joins MacDonald, Charette & Associates

William G. MacDonald (Partner) is pleased to announce that Bridget (Kerin) Jokitalo has joined MacDonald, Charette & Associates Law Firm. Read more


Duties of an Estate Trustee With A Will

The following is a basic outline of the responsibilities of an executor/executrix or as an “Estate Trustee” as it is now called in Ontario. Read more

Co-signing a loan

Co-Signing: Bank Guarantees & Loans

Question: I have been asked by my daughter and son—in-law to sign a personal guarantee for their bank to support a business loan. I am nervous. I am not an experienced business person. What should I do? Read more

Pension Plan Security

How secure is your pension plan?

Question: I plan to retire in a few years. If my employer goes bankrupt, what happens to my pension? Read more

Andrew M. Lawson, Legal Aid Pioneer

A Tribute To Andrew M. Lawson – Legal Aid Pioneer

(JULY 5, 1927 — NOVEMBER 17, 2010)

“Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.” – John Locke

Read more